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Mini Mouth Care Matters

Cube was entrusted with developing the branding for Mini Mouth Care Matters, an initiative aimed at encouraging nursing, medical, and healthcare professionals to “lift the lip” and identify common oral health and dental conditions. The goal is to integrate oral health care into the basic general health care needs of all in-patients.

To achieve this, Cube crafted a comprehensive branding strategy that highlights the importance of oral health in overall patient care. The branding needed to be approachable yet professional, appealing to both healthcare providers and patients.

Cube designed and delivered a wide range of assets to support the initiative. These included educational leaflets that provide essential information in an easily digestible format, and e-learning packages that offer in-depth training for healthcare professionals. To engage younger audiences, Cube created animations aimed at children, making oral health education fun and accessible. Additionally, training videos were produced to equip healthcare professionals with practical skills and knowledge to effectively incorporate oral health care into their routine patient assessments.

Through a cohesive and visually appealing brand, Cube ensured that Mini Mouth Care Matters resonates with its diverse audience. The initiative is now well-equipped to foster better oral health care practices within the healthcare community, ultimately improving patient outcomes and their oral health care.

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