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Discover the power of seamless workplace communication with Cube's advanced intranet and extranet solutions. Designed to energise your organisation, our systems ensure that critical information and tools are at the fingertips of every team member, regardless of their location or time zone.

Whether your staff are on-site, in the community, or working remotely, Cube's intranet and extranet systems bridge the gap, ensuring seamless access and enhanced productivity.

CubeCore Intranet

Our intranet and extranet platforms are crafted with precision-engineered features that adapt to the unique demands of your organisation.

Staff can personalise their experience with a custom user dashboard, designed to streamline daily tasks through an intuitive interface. Customisable notifications are sent directly to user dashboards, keeping everyone in your organisation connected and informed.

Cube’s intranet solutions will transform the way your business handles documents. A version-controlled policy and document management system eliminate errors, ensuring that only the most current and accurate information is available.

Additionally, our smooth login processes and mobile access capabilities mean that your intranet will always be within reach, no matter where your team is located.

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Custom User Dashboard

Customise your own dashboard with intuitive drag, drop, hide and show department tiles.

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Multiple Dashboards

For staff members who have 2 or more roles in the organisation.

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Favourite your most used items

You can favourite your most used policies, documents and pages direct to your dashboard.

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Policy, SOP and Document Management

Version control and Author notification.

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User/Editor Permissions

Grant or restrict features for specific users and groups.

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People Directory

find your colleague’s details.

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100% secure giving you peace of mind.

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Details Reporting

Access to detailed user and usage data.

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Licence Free

No annual licence fee, meaning huge cost saving.

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Active Directory (AD) integration

Seamless login for all your staff members with AD integration.

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Mobile Access

Access your Intranet, anywhere from your mobile device.

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Alerts and notification

Send alters and notification direct to everyones dashboard.

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24/7 Support Ticket

Dedicated 24/7 mailbox support.

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Dedicated Support Team

Speak direct with the dev team.

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Continuous Training

Online Training, User Guide and How to Videos