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In today’s digital world, vibrant and compelling video and animation are more than just content - they're powerful conduits that charge your message with energy and clarity.

At Cube, we specialise in crafting visual narratives that not only capture the attention of your audience but also inspire action with your brand.

Our Videography and Animation Services

Whether you’re looking for expert videographers to produce an engaging corporate video, or you need animation for a high-impact campaign, our creative dynamos are ready to bring your vision to life. From initial concept to final delivery, every stage of our videography and animation processes is informed by the insights we gather during the Discovery phase of our 3D methodology. his tailored approach allows us to generate captivating visual content that really hits home with your target audience.


The power of video in marketing is not to be underestimated.  We cover all aspects of videography, animated and post-production.


Quality animation can help your brand to convey anything, from a simple message to a complex concept, in a cost-effective and visually appealing way.


High-quality imagery is a vital part of successful marketing.  Our photographers cover all aspects of work including reportage, medical, portrait and even fashion work.  

Corporate Videos

Present your organisation to your stakeholders and customers with engaging content.

Training Videos

The use of video and animation to educate and inform your stakeholders.

Social Content

Short creative burst that keep your Social media audience wanting more. 

We handle all aspects of videography , providing an end-to-end service that includes meticulous planning, shooting with state-of-the-art equipment, and detailed post-production editing. From marketing material to educational series, our videos are guaranteed to get your brand’s message across and deliver measurable impact
Our dynamic animations not only tell your brand’s story but ensure it is remembered and acted upon. By harnessing the power of animation, we can help your brand to communicate everything from a straightforward message to a complex concept with clarity and clout.
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