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Supercharge your organisational processes with Cube’s innovative e-forms, designed to automate and streamline your routine tasks. Easily adapting to the individual needs of your business, our dynamic workflow solutions will revolutionise how your team interacts with internal systems.

CubeCore e-forms

Transform the way your organisation handles its administrative functions with e-forms that integrate seamlessly into your operational workflows.

Featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface, your staff can access our secure e-forms anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Ideal for a variety of applications, such as submitting expense claims, requesting holidays, or managing leave, these e-forms can be automatically directed to the appropriate personnel for approval or further action, enhancing efficiency and speed.

Alerts and notifications are sent directly to users’ dashboards, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring that tasks are completed on time.

Conditional Logic e-Form Builder

Customise your own conditional logic e-forms with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


Add unlimited workflow streams between departments.

User/Editor Permissions

Grant or restrict features for specific users and groups.

Active Directory (AD) integration

Seamless login for all your staff members with AD integration

Alerts and notification

Send alters and notification direct to each workflow.

Mobile Access

Access, anywhere from your mobile device.


100% secure giving you peace of mind.

Details Reporting

Access to detailed user and usage data

Licence Free

No annual licence fee, meaning huge cost saving.

Data Archive and Destruction.

Super admin can download a copy of the data for offline storage and destroy the online data.

Improve Efficiency

Improve form processing by 200%