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Role of Line Managers

Cube was tasked with designing and producing “The Role of a Line Manager” for NHS England, a critical initiative highlighting the pivotal function of line managers in the healthcare system. Recognising that effective line management is essential for fostering a supportive work environment and delivering quality patient care, Cube embarked on a comprehensive project to capture and convey these insights.

To bring this project to life, Cube facilitated over 120 video shoots across 15 locations throughout England. This extensive logistical effort ensured diverse representation and authentic portrayal of various NHS settings. The aim was to showcase real-life examples of how line managers provide direction, clarify objectives, and create a nurturing environment for their teams.

The video captured the essence of line management by highlighting managers who exemplify best practices in leadership and team support. These videos serve as educational and inspirational tools, emphasising the importance of appreciation, support, and care in the workplace.

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