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Following a competitive tender process, Cube was awarded the contract to rebrand ShapeMaster. Our primary task was to develop a new name and reposition the business as the leading supplier of assisted exercise machines to the leisure, care, and rehabilitation sectors. After extensive research and brainstorming, we proposed the name “Innerva,” reflecting the innovative and supportive nature of their products.

To establish Innerva’s brand identity, Cube delivered a wide range of creative communication pieces designed to resonate with their diverse audience. We started with a comprehensive website overhaul, creating an engaging and user-friendly platform that showcases Innerva’s product range and their benefits.

In addition to the website, Cube developed a wide range of marketing pieces including a product guide that highlights the unique features and advantages of Innerva’s exercise machines. This guide serves as an essential tool for sales representatives and potential customers, providing clear and concise information about each product.

To further enhance Innerva’s market presence, we created a dedicated app that allows users to access personalised exercise programs. This app not only supports Innerva users but also helps streamline their business operations.

Our marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and social media content, were designed to convey Innerva’s commitment to improving physical health and well-being through innovative exercise solutions. Through targeted campaigns, we aimed to raise brand awareness and position Innerva as a thought leader in the industry.