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Send a thoughtful note or seasonal greeting, Cube's custom e-card solution offering style, security, and simplicity. Our cutting-edge communications platform allows you to create and dispatch personalised e-cards with just a few clicks.

Whether you're looking to encourage corporate camaraderie or boost brand awareness, Cube's business e-cards are your digital gateway to more engaging connections.

CubeCore e-Cards

Our service is designed with versatility in mind, supporting a wide array of customisation options.

From branding elements to dynamic content features, your business e-cards can reflect your organisation’s unique branding, message, and tone.

Integrating seamlessly with other Cube systems, our secure service ensures that sending a thoughtful note or seasonal greeting is private, efficient, and effective.


Personalised e-card

Send thoughtful and seasonal greeting card to your colleagues.

improve staff wellbeing

Help improve the wellbeing of your staff, colleagues and friends.

Promote your vision and values

Tailored e-cards to help promote your organisation’s vision and values.

Active Directory (AD) integration

Seamless login for all your staff members with AD integration.

Mobile Access

Send e-card for you mobile device, anywhere.

Encrypted emails

Ensuring all e-cards are sent securely and privately.