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iDecide Campaign

Cube was commissioned by the Maternity Team at NHS England to develop a national brand and campaign ‘iDecide’ aimed at supporting pregnant women and birthing people in understanding the decisions they can make during labour. This comprehensive initiative involved engaging with hundreds of individuals from both the public and healthcare sectors across England.

Our first step was to conduct extensive consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders, including expectant mothers, birthing partners, midwives, obstetricians, and other healthcare professionals. This engagement provided valuable insights into the needs, concerns, and preferences of those involved in the birthing process.

Using these insights, Cube created a cohesive branding strategy and a suite of informational materials designed to empower pregnant women and birthing people. The materials included easy-to-understand guides, decision-making tools, and visually appealing content that addressed key aspects of labour and delivery choices.

The campaign was rolled out through various channels, ensuring broad reach and accessibility. We developed engaging online content, distributed printed leaflets in healthcare settings, and facilitated workshops and webinars to directly connect with the target audience.

Through our efforts, Cube successfully delivered a campaign that not only informed but also empowered women and birthing people to make confident, informed decisions about their labour and delivery. This initiative has helped NHS England enhance patient education and support, ultimately contributing to better maternity care outcomes.

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