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Cube was tasked with developing a hard-hitting campaign to educate the public on the importance of using A&E services only for genuine emergencies. The aim was to reduce unnecessary visits and ensure that critical resources are available for those truly in need.

To achieve maximum impact, Cube undertook a comprehensive advertising campaign that spanned both online and offline platforms. The centerpiece of this campaign was a powerful and emotive video designed to shock viewers into rethinking their approach to A&E usage.

The video featured a young girl lying injured on the road, her condition underscored by the poignant voiceover of her toy teddy bear. This narrative choice was crafted to evoke strong emotional responses, emphasising the severity of true emergencies compared to non-urgent situations. The teddy bear’s voice added an element of innocence and urgency, driving home the message that A&E should be reserved for real emergencies.

In addition to the video, Cube developed a suite of supporting materials, including posters, social media content, and educational leaflets, all carrying the same urgent tone and messaging. This multi-channel approach ensured broad reach and engagement across different audience segments.

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