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Cube was appointed by CliniMed, a leading provider of Stoma Care, Urology, and Wound Care solutions to healthcare professionals in both hospital and community settings. Clinimed also offers invaluable advice and education to patients, ensuring comprehensive support for those using their products.

Cube was tasked with launching several new Clinimed products into the market. Our approach involved developing a wide range of communication and marketing pieces that communicate the benefits and innovations of these products. We began by creating a suite of visually engaging and informative marketing materials, including brochures, product guides, and educational leaflets. These materials were designed to highlight the unique features and advantages of CliniMed’s new products, making it easy for healthcare professionals and patients to understand their benefits.

By collaborating closely with Clinimed, Cube successfully launched their new products, enhancing their market presence and ensuring that healthcare professionals and patients were well-informed and supported.