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Branding and Marketing

Chronolife, a Paris-based medtech company at the forefront of innovative digital health services, approached Cube to assist in marketing their new wearable health products. As an end-to-end, open platform for preventive monitoring of patients and at-risk individuals, Chronolife provides precise and timely health information, enabling proactive adjustments to prevent potential complications.

Cube’s mission was to help Chronolife launch their cutting-edge products to a global audience. Our comprehensive strategy began with the development of a user-friendly and informative website. The website was designed to showcase Chronolife’s advanced technology and its benefits, providing detailed product information, user testimonials, and industry insights. This digital platform served as the cornerstone of Chronolife’s online presence, facilitating customer engagement and education.

To visually communicate the innovative nature of Chronolife’s products, Cube produced a compelling product video. This video highlighted the features and functionalities of the wearable devices, demonstrating their impact on health monitoring and preventive care. The video was crafted to resonate with both healthcare professionals and potential users, emphasising ease of use and the critical role of timely health data.

In addition to the website and video, Cube created a suite of marketing materials, including brochures and online content. These materials were designed to provide comprehensive information about Chronolife’s offerings, supporting sales efforts and enhancing brand visibility. Our online marketing strategy included targeted campaigns across various platforms to reach a broad and diverse audience.