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Branding and Website Development

Cube played a pivotal role in shaping the branding and digital presence of How2, a provider of training solutions for healthcare professionals. With a focus on delivering comprehensive and user-friendly training modules, How2 sought to establish a distinctive brand identity that reflects their commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare education.

To begin with, Cube engaged in extensive consultations with How2 to gain insights into their mission, values, and target audience. Drawing upon this understanding, we developed a bespoke branding strategy that encapsulates How2’s expertise, reliability, and dedication to advancing healthcare practices.

The branding process encompassed various elements, including logo design, colour palette selection, and visual assets creation. Our aim was to craft a cohesive and memorable brand identity that resonates with healthcare professionals while differentiating How2 from competitors in the industry.

In parallel, Cube collaborated closely with How2 to develop a bespoke website tailored to their specific training needs. The website serves as a dynamic platform for delivering video training modules on the use of healthcare software, offering users an intuitive and interactive learning experience.

Key features of the website include user-friendly navigation, responsive design for seamless access across devices, and robust video playback capabilities. Additionally, Cube implemented backend functionalities to facilitate content management, user registration, and progress tracking, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Through our strategic branding and digital solutions, Cube has empowered How2 to establish a strong and credible presence in the healthcare training sector. By delivering engaging and effective training resources, How2 is poised to make a meaningful impact on the professional development of healthcare practitioners, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

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