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Marketing Support

Cube has played a pivotal role in bolstering GPO Retro’s marketing efforts, spanning website development, branding enhancements, and packaging design. GPO Retro specializes in the creation of retro-inspired electronics, including radios, turntables, vinyl accessories, and a range of vintage telephones, from rotary dial to SIP and Voice Over IP models, catering to both consumer and hospitality markets.

Beginning with the website, Cube worked closely with GPO Retro to revamp their online presence, ensuring a seamless user experience and visually engaging interface. By incorporating intuitive navigation, vibrant visuals, and informative content, the new website serves as a compelling platform for showcasing GPO Retro’s diverse product line and heritage-inspired aesthetic.

In terms of branding, Cube embarked on a strategic journey to refine GPO Retro’s visual identity, infusing it with retro charm while maintaining a contemporary appeal. This involved meticulous attention to detail, from logo refinement to colour schemes and typography selection, all aimed at capturing the essence of nostalgia while resonating with modern consumers.

Furthermore, Cube collaborated with GPO Retro to elevate their packaging design, transforming it into a tangible extension of the brand’s retro ethos. By incorporating vintage-inspired graphics, premium materials, and sustainable packaging practices, the new packaging not only enhances product presentation but also reinforces GPO Retro’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Through a collaborative partnership focused on innovation and creativity, Cube has empowered GPO Retro to captivate audiences with their distinctive retro-inspired offerings, driving brand visibility and market success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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